Give Diabetes an Inch and It'll Take a FootTM

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in our country and it has affected the African-American and Latino population in particular. Please join Dr. Footsie in educating senior citizens on diabetes and managing the effects of the disease, starting with the foundation of their feet, by joining Club Sugarfoot, a Diabetic Health Education Program.

Bradley Multipurpose Center, Watts — August 30, 2011

California Community Center, Long Beach — September 21, 2011

The many side effects of diabetes which may not be under control will affect the circulation and there is a high incidence of ulcers. Every 20 seconds someone in the world will have lost a limb due to this illness.

Every physical exam should include patients' removing shoes and socks and a complete assessment of the lower extremity.

Florence-Firestone — October 4, 2011

Menorah House, Long Beach — October 6, 2011

Dr. Footsie helps teach seniors with diabetes the importance of foot care, using a fun, youth-inspirational, sing-a-long rap (featuring Toe Tapper Rapper), a little animation, and giant trading cards.

Sweet-Bit Card #1 (front)

Sweet-Bit Card #1 (back)

Bring the Program to Your Organization

For details on how to bring Club Sugarfoot to your organization, or to learn ways to help Dr. Footsie in spreading the word of self-care for diabetes, please contact Dr. Footsie (