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Order the 20-Tips Anti-smoking Packet, and join Dr. Footsie in his effort to help kids from ever starting to smoke. (This program is geared toward children from Kindergarten to the third grade.)

Take a Tip...

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The Question

Tired of Tobacco KILLING people

and you keep asking WHY?

Then ask yourself this:

If not YOU then WHO?

If not NOW then WHEN?

If not HERE then WHERE?

And if NOT then WHAT?

And how many WHATS

Will it take for us to see the LIGHT?

What You Get

Members will receive:

  • Tale of Toebacco (a short story book),
  • ½ FootMarksTM book mark
  • four trading cards,
  • a flip-top box to hold your trading cards
  • three postcards,
  • a membership card (allows you to receive discounts when ordering items from the web site), and
  • a card with the pledge:
    Dr. Footsie says I shouldn't smoke, it will kill me. I pledge NEVER to use TOBACCO in any form, and to be a member of the Butt Kicker Society in good STANDing.

How To Join

Membership is $15. Send email to Dr. Footsie (store@drfootsie.org) for more information.