A history of significant changes to this web site.

31 Dec 2013Collective for several changes made since 14 December, including addition of new puzzles to Footsie's Muddle, enabling the archive view for the two puzzles that were won so far, and fixing the coding of the pages to make them driven entirely by the data so they pages don't need to be explicitly changed to display new puzzles, clues, or winners. Added two more appearances on "Here's To Your Health" with appropriate changes to the (now past) interviews on the main page, and additional links to YouTube on the actual information page.
14 Dec 2013Add Footsie's Muddle.
18 Nov 2013Add main page announcement for Dr. Footsie's appearance on the "Here's To You Health" show on the LA Talk Live website, as well as an announcement for his upcoming interview on that same program.
24 Mar 2012Add main page announcement for Dr. Footsie's appearance on the Mother Love show on the LA Talk Radio website. Fixed Curtin-FM link.
5 Jan 2012After a long hiatus, finally add Leapwood Elementary event photos, Diabetes Awareness Program information, restructure "Join Us" directory, fix wording for Safe Sax video, add 2010 article to "About Us -> Print" page, add Southern California Gas Company to Arch Supporters.
19 Mar 2011Add "20-Tips Program Demo" video.
22 Aug 2010Add "Yes We Can" video.
14 Aug 2010Add donation buttons, and "SafeSax" and "Assfixiation" videos, move "UWO" video to YouTube.
24 Jan 2010Add Press Release section under "About Us" and on the front page; add new sponsorship program "Keep The Memory Alive" under "Programs" and on the front page.
10 Aug 2009Add new arch supporters; add pictures from 2009 road-trip; add Sole Mate pictures to the store; add Toebama card.
12 May 2009Add Clog blog; add UWO video clip.
6 Apr 2009Move guestbook to Wordpress; major navigation and join-us/about-us changes; add supporters; numerous other tweaks.
28 Sep 2008Add new arch supporters; add 20-tips and Life's Harvest pages; fix picture links on speak out page; adjust site color scheme; access all audio content through new Flash player (with text option if Flash is not installed or is disabled); minor style modifications; fix small text and coding errors.
8 Jun 2008Add 2009 road trip page, other minor modifications.
24 May 2008Add MP3 format for speak-out page, fix copyright.
17 May 2008Added pictures from 2008 road trip, added (general) pictures of Footsie-Mobile Mk. 2 work done before the trip, added "Speak Out" section in sounds, made some general corrections in related pages.
10 Dec 2007Added pictures from 2007 road trip, added information about 2008 road trip.
19 Sep 2007Major site redesign and translation to server-side scripting.
9 Sep 2006Add supporter links, remove event.
18 Apr 2006Add supporter links, modify home page and supporter links page, add cross-country event.
25 Sep 2005Fix “next” link errors in Tale of Toebacco, fix minor errors, add supporters, change “fotoe footage” link on home page to be expanded NFOTS, and include sound streams.
16 May 2005Add supporters, new pictures, slightly re-arranged the photograph index page.
01 Dec 2004Add supporters, remove old event listing.
22 May 2004Add more supporters, events listing, fixed some typos.
29 Feb 2004Add Cameron Kippen interview, yet more supporters, and some minor reworking.
24 Oct 2003Add more supporters.
04 Oct 2003Add some supporters, pictures of Dr. Footsie's car, Tale of Toebacco. Add guestbook.
26 Aug 2002Fix some link-related information.
11 Jun 2002Add links-related pages.
01 Dec 2001New pictures (“Building the Back Wall”) on the “building” page, minor corrections.
11 Nov 2001New pictures (“Cementing the Back") on the "building" page, new article in listing.
26 Aug 2001Add a few pictures, and this page.
19 Aug 2001Site goes on-line.