Dr. Footsie has been written up in the newspapers and magazines below. Where known, the media names have been linked to their web site. Unless otherwise specified, most sites do not carry the listed story on their web site.


The Compton Bulletin wrote an article about some of Dr. Footsie's other community involvement. (PDF) October 2010.


Youth Club to Encourage Clean Living Through Screen Printing. Screen Printing Magazine. July 2002. Page 10


Marks Taking Steps to Help Kids. Impressions Magazine. September 15, 2001. Page 10.

Putting His Foot Down. Easy Reader. July 5, 2001. Pages 20-21. (Some stories are currently maintained at this site, but not this one.)

Doctor With a Sole: Martin Marks. Peninsula People. July 2001. Pages 10-11.


Toe-to-Toe With a City's Ills. Los Angeles Times. Joe Mathews. December 26, 2000. Part A, pages 1, 26-27. (This story is available from this site for a fee.)

Dr Footsie Fights Crime. EMB Embroidery/Monogram Business. April 2000. Page 14. (EMB is now part of Impressions.)


The Lone Crusader — Doc Shuns Podiatry to Help Youth. Wave Newspaper. September 8, 1999. Page 1.


'CRACK CENTRAL' Reign of Abomination. L.A. Watts Times. November 21, 1996. Page 26. (Last of seven part series on crack cocaine.)

Dr Footsie And His Toes. Los Angeles Film & Music. October 1996. Page 17.


Doctor Uses Characters to Toe Line on Drug Use. Wave Newspaper. August 12, 1992. Page 1.

Feet First — More Than Just Footsie. Podiatry Today. June 1992. Page 15.

New Feet on the Street Takes Giant Step in Compton. Los Angeles Bay News Observer. March 6, 1992. Page 1.

Foot Doctor Takes a Stand. Carson News. January 15-31, 1992. Page 19.

New Feet on the Street. Carson News. February 1-14, 1992. Page 17.