Leapwood Elementary School to host 20 Tips Tobacco Prevention Program

Over 1000 kids will start smoking every day in the USA. Of these, one-third will die prematurely as a result of this addiction.

Education is key; it must be started early, and be fun and repetitive in order for the message to be indelible. The earlier the educational message, the more successful the outcome.

Leapwood Ave. School in Carson is collaborating with Footsteps Sports Club as they celebrate the start of Black History Month, with the introduction of the 20 Tips Tobacco Prevention Program on Monday, February 1, 2010 at 10:30 a.m.

The Leapwood Ave. Lions will be the first of many elementary schools in the LAUSD to receive this innovative, fun, entertaining and interactive educational program on avoiding a trip down Tobacco Road.

Dr Footsie presented the unique 20 Tips Program at the 2009 National Conferences on Tobacco or Health.

Help us make a difference in kids' lives. We hope to see you there and be a part of this launch.

Help us get the word out!

Footsteps Sports Club, Inc. a non-profit organization based in Compton has given kids an alternative to the streets since 1972 with the sponsoring of sports teams and instilling positive healthy values. They have developed cartoons to disseminate messages against the harmful effects of tobacco use.


For more information contact Dr. Footsie by email at drfootsie@drfootsie.org or by phone at (310)639-3338. Our website can be found at www.drfootsie.org.