13 May 2009

In the beginning

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In the beginning - before walking - crawling was the “IN” thing.  I remember always being fascinated by shoes and feet and would always be under the dining room table checking out the peoples’ shoes or when they had removed the shoes - looking at the feet.  I use to go to the closets and take out the shoes and  look at all the pretty colors.  When I started to walk, I tried putting on these shoes - no matter what the size - high heels or flats and parading around the house trying to keep my balance.  I was destined to be in a world of shoes and feet - that and the fact that my paternal grandmother - SARAH - was bothered by bunions and visited the foot doctor regularly - besides she had bunions that looked like they were giving right or left turn directional signals with the RED HOT light on - so you see,  I had all the pre-requisite courses to go into a world of feet - Footsie’s Fantastic Funworld of Feet

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